Friday, July 20, 2012

friday's letters [3]

Happy Friday everyone!
We made it through yet another week, and once again I'm linking up with adventures of newlyweds to write some Friday's Letters!
dear god: If I don't thank you enough for everything you have blessed me with, thank you so much. dear playdates: thank you for being so for us mommies too! dear husband: You're amazing, and so are your good morning texts. dear dentist: goodness I love you. really. dear llama llama: without fail, you are the only book to put a smile on Hudson's face, everytime I read it! dear maxi skirts: let's be honest. It's so nice not to shave your legs every time you wear a skirt. dear H: thank you for good-night cuddles last night...mommy lives for them! dear crockpot: oh you make things so much easier for me - don't know what I ever did without you! dear mom and dad [they are the best]: just wanted to let you know, we love you. thank you for everything!


  1. Crockpots and playdates are a woman's best friend for sure! lol.

  2. stopping by from friday letters, maxi skirts are the best!

  3. Love maxi skirts and crockpots!

  4. Your letters/notes are so sweet. I'm actually thinking about writing letters on my next Friday's Letters post to actual human beings! I'm new to your blog and I'm your newest follower! :)


  5. elise - hehe.. i love crockpots and good morning texts too!!! (: (:
    I found you from the link up! Happy Friday!


  6. I love my crockpot too... such a lifesaver as are playdates!

  7. Im a huge fan of my crockpot...any special recipies that you like to make?

  8. Awe your letters are so sweet! I love them, I am now following you & I cannot wait to see & read more! Btw play dates are great, & I too think good morning text are amazing!

  9. hey there! newest follower to your sweet blog :) love it and cant wait to read more from ya!

    loved these letters - so sweet and simple. crock pots and maxi skirts kind of rock my world too :)

    would love if you followed me back!


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