Monday, June 11, 2012


I have finally gotten my act together and gotten this blog post up!
I was going to wait until Wednesday for WIHUTW, but I just couldn't resist any longer to post our BOISE trip!
[I only had my camera half of the trip, so excuse some of the super ghetto phone pictures!]

We made the trip to take care of some problems we were having with our rental home. Oh and did I mention that it's a 13hour trip, and we chose to drive, with a one year old little boy, all in one day?!
Honestly, I didn't think we were going to make it... especially when I had to stop and use a truck stop "hot dog microwave" to warm a bottle for Hudson... but thankfully I have a wonderful husband who drove the ENTIRE way and just kept chuggin' right along while Hudson and I jammed out to Wee Sing in the back seat!
Hope everyone is ready for a major overhaul of pictures!
[*still trying to find my other camera card with pictures of Hudson and the dogs [he is having major withdrawls from them, and Hudson mastering going UP and DOWN the stairs!]

 [U n c l e   J a k e   &  A u n t   J e n n y !]
  [seriously, within arms reach of that giraffe. If it wasn't for the Zoo volunteer yelling "oh, don't touch the giraffe, don't get too close, DON'T GO ANY CLOSER" I really think n a n a and Hudson would have been petting a giraffe!]

[A u n t   A l y]
 [P a P a]
If any of you know my mom, you know she is a little obsessed with Diet Pepsi.
[Secret: she may even have one with her breakfast in the morning!]
Guess who is following in her footsteps!?
[Okay. Okay. The can was empty, I promise!]
Totally horrible and embarrassing story: Kalob had to leave half way through the week to go to Wyoming and do some "cow" things, so Hudson and I obviously extended our trip in Boise and decided to fly home the following week. I went to check in the morning of our scheduled flight and about had a heart attack. We left and planned this trip in such a hurry [that is my excuse to make me feel a little bit better about the situation] that I clicked my "frequent trip" button, and booked our one-way flight, not even realizing that I had booked a flight from DENVER to Boise...not BOISE to Denver. So a few hundred dollars, and 2 days later, we were finally able to come home to Colorado.

One more horrible [really not that bad] story: First words out of my mouth when we got into the car to drive home from the airport..."Hunny, when we [hopefully] move back to Boise, one of the first things we are buying, besides a house, is a back-up generator." The power went out for about 9 hours the night before we left Boise, and I thought I was going to die. No air-conditioning, no fan to buffer all the little noises, no lights, no phone charger...rough life I know. I will be the first one to admit...I would have been the worst pioneer EVER!
Halle-freakin-lujah for electricity!
Wow. While that was a novel of a post, it had to be done.
If you suck around for the whole thing, I'm impressed!
Now, you deserve a nap!

Also, did I mention that we will be making our way BACK to Boise, by car, again, in just 3 weeks! Call us cRaZy, but we just can't get enough! :)
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I'm so totally jealous of your giraffe experience. Whenever we go those stinking giraffes are hiding far away or put into their little pens.

    Looks like you had a great visit!

  2. Girl - you have some awesome hair!! I found you from For Love of a Cupcake :) Newest follower!


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