Wednesday, April 18, 2012


What is Hudson up to Wednesday!
one week closer to my little man turning a whole one year old. a toddler.
if only I had a magic blue genie at this very moment...I think I would be using him to the fullest right now, to stop time and make Hudson stay this age forever. Although I love seeing him learn something new every single day, growing [out of his clothes], the words he says, the signs [ASL] he does, the steps he takes...I just don't want any of that to end! I'm just not ready...and I'm probably going to throw a fit about it! As bittersweet as it all is, there is nothing I can do to stop him!
We had a pretty mellow week [thankfully!]
We were also able to take advantage of the weather this weekend and take some of Hudson's first year pictures! I've always had a special thing for photography, so I'm loving that I have a "model" to use [pretty much whenever I want!] I'm going to make you suffer and leave you in suspense until next week to see all them...but I will give you a little sneak peek [kinda].
I know, I know. Adorable! Hopefully that will keep you hanging on until next week! And secret: I may or may not have shed a tear or two taking these pictures...he is just so grown up but because Hudson's tolerance level for pictures is close to zero [he is a true boy!], we will take the rest this week- this mama just has way too many ideas! what do you think so far!?

-Hudson has found a new love for some twistable crayons...mainly because I'm sure they taste super yummy when they go straight into his mouth, but also because he makes some pretty awesome pictures!

- For all of you who have been asking, Hudson's hand has healed beautifully. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and continuous thoughts! Once again, Hudson is a freakin' champ!
- And to top it all off, Hudson has decided that he is pretty g.a.n.g.s.t.e.r.
When I ask him where his head is at, instead of pointing to his head like he has been doing, he races to find daddy's hat and puts it on his head! It has becomes a very common look in our house, and as cute as this little boy is, it can stay that way!
I will now continue prepping myself [emotionally] for "buggy's" first birthday next week! I may just have to dedicate all next week to Hudson...hmmmm.

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  1. Oh what a cutie!!!!!! I followed you by the way! And NOT just for the giveaway, but because I just LOVE your blog! Care for a sponsor button swap???

  2. you are too sweet! thank you so much! follow no matter what the reason- and I would love to sponsor buttom me ememarie13[at]yahoo[dot][com] and we can talk alittle bit more about it!

  3. Patricia EnglehornApril 18, 2012 at 8:58 PM

    What happened to my baby grandson? Oh wait...sometimes I ask What happened to my baby girl? That would be YOU!
    So proud of my grown-up girl who is a wonderful person, incredible mother and fantastic daughter and friend! Give him a squeeze for me. Counting the days til we arrive!
    Lov you more,


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