Tuesday, April 17, 2012

it's a giveaway!

Yep, that's right...a  g i v e a  w a y ! [I'm a little excited about it!]
I was feeling a little generous and just had to share with all of you!
Oh and because I fell in love with what you are about to see, so naturally I had to buy it...for one of you!

I saw this and instantly wanted it! It's a perfect light [and adorable] scarf for the upcoming summer months and we all know how much fun you can have accessorizing with navy blue!
oh wait! there's more!
After I had to cut my "crack like" addiction to Carmex [just take my word for it and my poor lips after my "withdrawl" [words straight from the doctor's mouth] from it a few years ago], the next three items are now a staple in my purse [okay, diaper bag] and have saved me! I love a little tingle on my lips and they give just enough tint and rejuvenation for any time of the day!
Bath and Body Works Mentha Lip Balm and Shine!

oh wait...there could be more!
If we reach 100+ followers, I'm throwing in something pretty amazing...
Rascal Flatts newly released cd...it could be yours!
Even if you aren't a huge country fan, I promise you won't be disappointed by this CD!
You can't complain about any of that...right?!
so here's how it will work...
How to Enter:

1. Mandatory: You must become a follower of this little, full of random happenings, blog by clicking the "Join This Site" button on the left hand column. [leave a comment telling me you did so!]

Reminder: If you are a follower or have joined this site, you must still complete an entry below to be entered in the giveaway!
Additional Entry:
1. Leave me a comment asking me a question or something you would like to know about myself, and I will answer them in an upcoming blog post! [yep, anything at all!]
2. Blog about this lovely giveaway - [leave a comment and the link telling me you did so!]
3. Bonus of 2 entries for each recommended person who becomes a follower - [just provide the name for validation and leave two additional comments below!]
total of 4 possible entries!

Giveaway will close Sunday, April 22. 2012, at midnight!
Winner will be chosen via random.org
Make sure your email is listed and visable in your blogger profile so that I can contact you if you are the winner! [don't know how to do that? click here.]
[hope that winner will be you!]

A special thanks to Linsday for hosting this giveaway!


  1. Um, I've been following you forever! :D

    I'm excited to see Hudson's birthday post (assuming there will be one!)

  2. When do you plan to add an Elise Jr.? :)

  3. I am your new follower!!!

  4. What is your favorite social media?

  5. Who is your favorite blogger???

    Newest follower too :)

  6. I follow your blog and I love your writing, you have a real talent. When you post you make it seem like whoever is reading your blog is sitting right next to you. Your stories are so real.
    I also love knowing that you are such an awesome mommy just like your mom. I have always so admired your mom!

    (thank you to for thinking of your readers and doing a giveaway, you are so generous)

  7. Ask you a question, any question..... hmmmm.....

    Since are a newlywed and a new mommy and such a great person who loves life, what is your perfect family day??

  8. Ask you a question, any question.... hmmmm.....

    Since you are a newlywed and a new mommy and such a great person who loves life, what is your perfect family day?


  9. Your make up and hair are amazing! What does your routine consist of, what products do you use and how do you find the time being a mommy of a cute little busy boy? Sorry...that's 3 but I wonder those things every time I read your blog. Love your blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I posted this question on the wrong blog, sorry about this! But this is the question I wanted to ask you and question i want to know about you, where were you born and how many different places have you lived?


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