Wednesday, April 25, 2012

favorite things...

day 3 of birthday week- and we are loving every single second of it!
We had a pretty relaxed day yesterday, sang "happy birthday" about 63 times, had a bite of a cupcake after dinner [wasn't about it AT ALL], had one extra bottle [we have been down to 2 bottles a day for a while now, but sometimes he "begs" for one], and ran around in his birthday suit + diaper, all day long. A birthday boy deserves some special treatment! :)

Hudson's personality has evolved so much - totally my favorite thing about him!
  • Strawberries and Bananas [babababa]
  • Yogurt
  • Music [this kid is certainly mine! Music has to be on in the car or he hates it. He gets grumpy so much quicker if there isn't music playing through out the day. He "bops" his head and shakes/waves his hand to the beat, no joke, he is usually right on beat!]
  • Balloons. i never would have thought that a stinkin' balloon could keep this kid entertained for hours!
  • Playing "chase". If you are ever over, and get down on your hands and knees, you better be ready to crawl as fast and long as your knees can possibly take it, or until Hudson needs a "breather" and shuts the bedroom door on you!
  • Bath time! I don't think our lives would be the same without it!
  • Swings at the park...and the bark.
  • The fridge- as soon as that baby opens, you can count on hearing some heavy panting coming from the hall...Hudson is coming!
  • "Bear". Nana & Papa and a dear friend back home got Hudson his first[s] teddy bears when he was born...they are huge and blue, and this kid can't go a day without giving them "lovies".
  • His new fascination is our belly buttons! He will lift up my shirt [mostly in public places mind you] and poke my belly button and laugh and laugh...he tries to say 'POKE" but it comes out like "paaaaa kkkkkk".
Hudson is seriously one independent, content kid!
 Have I mention that I am utterly obsessed with this little peanut!?
[not so] favorites:
  • When mommy shuts the doors in the house! You would think the world has come to an end!
  • "RAWRRRRRR"! the biggest, most giant alligator tears form! He hates the sound of the Lion!
  • Hair-dryer! He gets so upset, but this one actually makes me laugh...He looks at me like "something is going to get you[ run!".
  • Pizza. We made homemade pizza the other night for dinner, and Hudson was not about it. at all. He would spit it, hit it, back his head up and shut his mouth as tight as he could manage. Scratch that off the dinner list.
  • Men. Yes, men. Checkers at Target, strangers in walmart, the old man sitting behind us at chilis, the ups man...they don't even have to talk to him, just a look & this kid has a major meltdown. Not like a tantrum, but a legit meltdown like he is terrified for his life. He grabs onto my shirt, nussles his head into my neck and closes his eyes. Good thing he likes his Daddy and Papa for now! :)
  • When mommy or daddy are cooking on the kitchen counter, sitting on the couch or kitchen table, standing up while doing laundry...He has this thing where he needs to see everything and be at your level while doing it.
  • Church. Oh church...supposed to be a time to sit and relax a bit, takes some "reverent/reflection time"...yeah not so much. Church interferes with nap time, and who wants to sit and be expected to stay in a small [barricaded] space...haha not this kid. We are working out it!
  • and our newest....walking. He can totally walk...he has done it many times. but who wants to walk when you can get somewhere ten times faster crawling...hahaha. that's on the list of things to work on too...
 T-Minus O N E day until Nana and Papa fly in!
 [told you this birthday week is just getting started!]

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  1. What a cutie Hudson is! He sounds like a fun little boy and he is at such an adorable age :)
    Enjoy your birthday week with him!!


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