Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I know it may seem silly, especially because Hudson is almost one...but sometimes I have have to sit back and take a second to watch this little boy grow up. I have to remind myself that he is mine. All mine, forever and ever [whether he likes it or not!]. I have to remember that I'm actually a mom...some days it just doesn't seem real still!
We have made some very big steps this week...literally.
yep, that's right.
Hudson has taken his very first steps!
  Seriously, so proud of this little boy! I think he was proud of himself too! Fist pumps and chunky, irresistible, rolly polly, legs anyone!? haha.
  • This week we have been working on our animal noises...and so far we know what a cow says!Every other animal also says "MOOOOOOOOO"...just in different pitches!
  • Hudson knows where his head & nose are! [cutest thing in the whole wide world!]
  • Hudson has some trouble with shoes. Obviously he doesn't want to keep them on, but the top of his feet and heels are so fat that we can't find shoes that actually fit! hahaha. I finally found some sandals that stay on for about 7 seconds, but there is some hope for this little boy! I can't complain though, looks at those rolls and ten little piggys. obsessed!
  • We are still teething, but I think things are starting to slow down! It seems never-ending, but talking to a friend this morning, she said it perfectly "they are so worth it!"
  • We have spent most of our days outside at the park, and spending some time running with mama. Hudson sure loves the jogging stroller, especially with the speaker attachment- he dances to mommy's music the whole way!
  • Hudson gives the best "loves, hugs, & slobbery kisses!" Especially to Mama & Mr. Bear!

Who wouldn't want a thousand of those a day from this boy?!

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