Wednesday, February 22, 2012


seriously, where the heck have the past 2 weeks gone?! I feel like I'm incredibly behind on this blog [probably because I am], I'm behind on pretty much everything though so of course the blog suffers. Kalob has been working close to fifteen, sometimes eighteen hour days the past week [is that legal!?] and we haven't seen all. I think I got a little glimpse of what it's like to be a single, stay at home mom. Bless the girls that do it every single day!
But while Daddy has been gone, there has been some quality 
mommy time!
Day in the life...
Good morning to you, good morning to you...
Good morning to Hudson...
Good morning to you!
Green smoothie or oatmeal with mommy for breakfast...Guess who ends up drinking most of that smoothie!? hahaha.He thinks its the greatest thing to drink out of a straw by himself!
 The weather has been a little bit nicer the past few days so
the new jogging stroller made it's debut...finally!
 Oh and the one night that Daddy was home
we made some history in this little boy's life...
Yep! It was time for a first haircut for this boy.
His hair has been growing just behind his ears in little patches...a little awkward if you ask me, so off it went!
He did amazing! Such a champ!
Hudson will turn 10months old on Friday.
ten whole months.
where has the time gone?!
side note: t-minus one day. one whole day until we pick Nana up from the airport!

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