Monday, February 27, 2012


It's more like WIHUTW...but on Monday. I just couldn't wait until Wednesday to try and explain the amazing-ness of this past weekend
[picture and post overload below!]
My excuse for the total MIA-ness.
Nana has come and gone and this weekend was beyond amazing! Her flight got in a lot later than we had planned so Nana had to wait to see Hudson until he woke up in the morning [torture!], but it was a glorious reunion, so worth the wait! Hudson was attached to her from that moment on!
He certainly knows who Nana is!.
We spent the weekend doing some much needed shopping, eating, walking, laughing and totally catching up on some quality Nana time...something this little boy was in need of! There is seriously such a special bond between these two...he is not spoiled at all! :)
Look at those top toothers!!
We even made our way to the new frozen yogurt shop and introduced Hudson
to that wonderful world...
and somebody fell in love! Menchies...we will be returning to you. very soon.
 There is just something so wonderful about being away from someone and then seeing them again. I feel so incredibly blessed that my mom was able to come and spend the weekend with us...every trip will always seem to be too short, but we will take every single second we can get!
I feel so overwhelmed that she is willing to sacrifice so much time, energy, time away from her business, to travel whatever distance is required to see this little boy! The countless trips Nana and Papa have made, the skype dates and phone calls, are all keeping this long distance seem just a little bit shorter and bareable.
And because Hudson just doesn't have enough toys [do you sense the sarcasm!?] we made a needed purchase. We got him a huge bouncy ball that he was mesmerized by in Target... It's almost as big as he is but it has been claimed as the...
 new favorite toy!
Probably just for the week, but seeing the smile on his face is
SO worth $2 in cheap plastic! haha.
Nana and Hudson spent literally hours on the
floor bouncing and rolling in laughter with that big blue thing!
 I've tried time and time again to come up with the perfect caption for the picture above...but I don't think anything I say will even begin to give it justice. All I can come up with is...proud. He seriously looks so proud...
"Yep. That's my Nana! She's all my'n!"  
[We are certainly going to have to work on sharing Nana and Papa when that time comes!]
 I'm pretty sure Hudson was bound and determined to get into that suitcase and go home to Boise with her and spend a little time with the dogs and Papa. He didn't manage to make it on that flight late last night, but we have already started the countdown
[I know, I know, there is always a amazing!]
until Nana AND Papa get to come for someone's f i r s t birthday!
We love you Nana. So much.


  1. That is just, well.... AMAZING! Your Mom is the best!

  2. If I didn't know better, I'd mistake Nana as Hudson's mom!

  3. i love it! what cute pictures too!! you are a dang good mommy with a dang good mommy i'd say! i sure love ya elise!!!

  4. your mommy is so pretty like her daughter! your little guy is such a cutie i love his chunks


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