Friday, January 6, 2012


do you ever have the feeling that you were hit, or even attacked by
2098203958203985 ... no make that
209820395820398 and 6
Mack tucks.
all at once.
coming from ever single direction possible?!
Yeah- thats been my week. I guess that's what post- vacation does to you.


You know it's bad when your laundry piles are on the floor, obviously not folded, and you have to make paths [yes. plural.] to get from...well let's be honest- every single room in the house.
Or when you are watching a movie with the hubby for date night, laying half asleep, so grateful your child is fast asleep [teething is kicking our butts] and he is rubbing your leg and says " well at least your legs are soft"...but knowing full well that you haven't shaved in at least 4 weeks [tmi?] Thank you long maxi dresses for chruch!
When your prayers consist of thanks and "please bless Hudson that he will take a good morning nap, so that I can nap too." " oh and please bless that nobody comes by the house" [because you are still in your pjs at 3pm in the afternoon, your hair is the same as when you woke up, your mascara is clumpy & flakey.]
You know the feeling when you are so grateful for resturaunt gift cards from Christmas so that you can eat out, without paying the fee [now we pay for one more person...they weren't lying when they said that everything gets more expensive with kids], instead of coming up with something to make for your family. [so time consuming right?! ugggg!]
I don't think I've ever wanted my baby's two front teeth to come in so badly!
i know I know, I seem to be asking alot. first I just wanted him to crawl so he wouldn't get so frusterated and now I want two new teeth to pop through!
but his gums are so puffy and red, and Orajel just isn't cutting it.
Baby Teethers are momentary relief for this little guy and night time has basically been a time that we all have been dreading.

Only good thing about it...
I get to see this face everytime I go into his room.
So until we have two new additions to that mouth and
I get out of this post-vacation rut...
my laundry will probably not be caught up on,
I will feel attacked,
long maxi dresses will be worn,
and gift cards will be used!
So for those of you knocking on my door at 3pm in the afternoon.
Please, judge away.

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  1. Welcome to motherhood. You may not get your laundry done and stay in your p.j's all day but you sure do write a good blog. Love you lots!


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