Saturday, November 12, 2011


You know that feeling when you are on a wonderful vacation/trip, and on one hand you never want to leave...but you are so excited to just be in your own house, in your own bed!?

We just got back from our little get away to Boise this afternoon, Hudson is fast asleep in his own bed, the house is spotless [I have a wonderful husband] and I'm absolutley exhausted. 
I think there is no denying that I love my family more than anything.ever. My parents were absolutely amazing [as always] this week, and Hudson was in pure heaven. He had NO schedule..rarely even slept in his own bed, stayed up late, played as much as his little heart desired, and learned some pretty fun tricks from Papa!
Lets just say, their house is going to be very quite!
 [picture overload once again- I just have to get these off of my camera!]
This little boy has quite the personality! 



Papa taught Hudson how to blow raspberries. Not just by himself...
but back and forth and Hudson thinks it is just the greatest thing ever.
[He was even doing it to the couple behind us on the airplane today-
after that he passed out for the whole entire flight!]
We love Boise so much and can't wait to head back in just four short weeks for Christmas! So as always, let the countdown begin!
Yeah for trips. yeah for the best nana and papa ever. yeah for the most amazing aunts and uncles. yeah for family and friends that love this little boy so much. yeah for skype so we could talk to daddy while we were away. yeah for new tricks. yeah for the most wonderfully behaved baby boy I could have ever asked for.

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