Tuesday, November 8, 2011

alive & well...

picture overload
[and we aren't even half way finished with our trip]
oh my goodness I feel like it's been forever since I've posted. I promise we are alive and well! The past few days here in Boise have seriously flown by...I'm so glad I still have a whole week left here!
Little man is adjusting well, and he is loving all the attention, pretty much where ever we go! He is such a good baby and has been quite the trooper since we've been here! He did decide that he wanted to start getting his top two teeth while we are here...I must say, they are whooping his trash- poor little guy!
He did, however, sleep the whole way to Boise on the airplane...in his little pjs and slippers...but not before we stopped for some applesauce and pumpkin pie [...
 [way too happy for 9pm!]
Kalob was able to go through securtity with me, which makes things a whole lot easier and less stressful, especially in the Denver airport!
Nana and Papa were waiting for us when we got off the plane [midnight - bless their hearts!] and the fun hasn't stopped since we've gotten here! Papa worked from the home the next day [don't think he got much done] and played with this little boy, who seriously loves him so much.
And little did I know, that my sister was on her way home to suprise us [she's at college & I didn't think we would see her until Christmas.] I cried as soon as I saw her face [she had literally been standing behind me for 5 minutes before I noticed she was even there] I love that girl so much, she has become my best friend and the best aunt I could have ever imagined for Hudson. 
He absolutely adores her.

One of my favorites parts of being back in Boise is  game day!
We sure do love our broncos!
My grandparents were able to come over for the game [and to see Hudson!]

wow. okay. take a break if you need to [I think I might] because
I've got one more picture and then I need a nap!
I'm always a little hesitate when I come home because we have two dogs. not little puppies that fit in your purse, or little puppies that you can't take on a run because they can't make it around the block, but big dogs [a lab and a retriever]. I never know how they are going to act around Hudson so the first day or two we are in "trial run" mode.
guess who absolutely loves them?!
Loves their kisses. [laughs every time their noses touch his cheek]
Loves their paws.
Loves their tails in his face.
And loves....
Bath time with the puppies!

Oh I love being home!
I have so many more pictures and things to tell,
but I think blogger is going to cut me off soon.

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