Monday, November 14, 2011

there will come a day...

we are sick.
so sick.
Hudson can barely breath [thank you baby vapor rub]
He sneezes at least 2309856203981 time a day. [lovely]
I disinfect every toy multiple times a day.
My head is throbing.
My glands are so swollen I can barely talk [Kalob can't understand me]
I've taken full advantage of nap time.
[times like this, I'm so grateful that Hudson still takes four solid naps a day..]

Our bags are sitting in the middle of the living room. Open.
Clothes spilling out of them from our trip.
The dish washer is full.
The diaper genie is full.
The trash needs to be taken out.
Laundry needs to be folded.
The grocery store is calling our name.
No make-up or hair done.
PJS are still on.
My phone has been ringing and texts are coming through.
I'm letting them go.
And I don't care.

The day has officially come. Full force.
Hudson just went down for his third nap today.
And I'm joining him.

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