Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the dreaded...

oh the dreaded blue suction.
Obviously  a 6 month old can't blow his own nose, so they sneeze, or they become a snot waterfall. unless you have me as a mom, and then I use the dreaded blue suction. It may be super mean, but I do it out of love. Love for my baby, love for his nose, love for his clothes, love for the breathing of my child, & if we are being honest, love for others eyes.
I don't care who you are, nobody likes looking at a crusty baby nose.
I always wondered why parents let it ever get that bad.
Not this mom.
Not going to lie, I'm half tempted to use it on myself to save my poor dry, red nose and my head begging me not to blow my nose one more time!

Although it may be dreaded and the mood changes in the room when the blue suction come out...it is saving us both!

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  1. If you need anything...let us know!! Hope you all feel better soon!


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