Saturday, October 8, 2011

where oh where!??!

Hudson has been coming up with the funniest games lately.
This little boy has quite the sense of humor.
He will lay on the ground and roll over to his stomach...look back at me, look forward, and look back and me again and just wait...I roll him back over and he will laugh for what seems like minutes, and quickly roll back over on his stomach and it starts all over again. [until its time for a nap]

But my favorite game this week...

where oh where could Hudson James be?!
he will be sitting up, he will reach for his mat. end up on his stomach, and hide underneath the toys hanging down. He will lift his head up, and turn his head to face the other I can't see his face...
[ i will call out] where oh where is hudson james?!
I will then hurry over to find his face, tickle him, again he will laugh for what seems like minutes, and then put his face the other way.

Such a sense of humor has has. [already.]
Oh this little boy keeps me laughing. all day long.

ps.5 days until nana and pappy arrive!

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