Friday, October 7, 2011

did you know?!

did you know that old mcdonald has just about every single animal [that makes a noise] on his farm now?!
Hudson hates getting out of the bath tub. So to distract him a little, I sing Old Mcdonald had a farm while we are getting out, getting wrapped in our towel, putting on lotion, and getting into pjs. Sometimes this can be a process that takes longer than just one verse of any regular song...

So I've been getting [very]creative.
Old Mcdonald now has a reptile, rodent, insect, and large/dangerous animal exhibit
all on one farm...

Goose that goes honk honk.
Mouse that goes squeek squeek
Bee that goes bzzzzzz bzzzzzz
Snake that goes ssssssssss sssssssssssss
Elephant that goes [um, I don't even know how to type that noise out but I make it happen.]
Monkey that goes oooooooo haaaaaa ooooo haaaaaa
Frog that goes ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit
Bird that goes churp churp
Alligator that goes chomp chomp chomp chomp
Turkey that goes gobble gobble
Donkey that goes eeeeee ahhhh eeeee ahhhh
owl that goes hooooo hoooo
[yes. all of them are on the farm.]

and then the given animals...
cow, horse, chicken, dog, cat, pig, sheep, & duck...

And did you know....
Old Mcdonald had a farm, and it had been relocated to Africa for the a short time
because Old Mcdonald used to have a lion that went
r-o-a-r  R-O-A-R...

let's just emphasis...Old Mcdonald used to have lions on his farm.
Until the saddest, fat, quivering bottom lip and the biggest, wet tears formed on this
little mans face...
Tears and quivers full of terror.

Saddest [and at the same time]cutest thing I ever did see!

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