Saturday, October 22, 2011


I went through Hudson's "big boy" clothing box last night, and was so excited when I pulled this hat out. I had totally forgotten about this little striped hat and mittens!

Little man loved it!
[look close...there's some little white teeth!]

It's official. We are loving the stripes [and those big blue eyes, and those pouty lips] this weekend while daddy is out of town! I'm loving every single day with this boy, watching him grow and learn so many new things!
We started Christmas shopping [yes,it's only october] but let's be honest, when I find an amazing clothing sale, I justify it by "early christmas shopping". Online shopping is a little addicting for Hudson! I've found some amazing sites that I totally had forgotten had even existed! I couldn't believe that I was christmas shopping for [what will be] a 9month old, and then buying clothing for next summer...that's like 12-18month clothing. what?! really?! possible?! my baby?!
So excited for what is to come & to see Hudson grow up! For now, I'm enjoying every single second!

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