Wednesday, October 26, 2011


to be quite honest with you, I've been absolutely dreading this post. It's been in progress for 3 days now. Yes, three whole days...sitting up on my computer screen, pictures ready to go, but nothing a blank page. nothing written. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with what I'm about to tell you, and I just can't shake this feeling. So, in my head, I feel that by putting it off, putting it off - so it's not public, on a hard may possibly make it all go away. Obviously that's not my reality. Nothing is going to turn back time [ if there was, I'd pay millions to be the first in line.]

Wow. It kind of sounds like I'm dying.
saying my last goodbyes to the beloved blogging world.
or, that I have a terminal disease that isn't worth fighting anymore.
none of which are the case.

Actually, it's just that my baby is 6 months old.
[and has been for 3 days]

height: 28.5 inches [96%]
weight: 23.58 lbs [98%]
head: 17.75 inches [88%]
I don't know how it happened, so don't ask!
I promise I had nothing to do with it!
He did it all on his own!


and... did you want to see a mouth full of slobber...
oh and two teeth!?

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