Sunday, October 30, 2011

over & over again...

Hudson got his immunizations this past week at his well- care visit and hasn't been feeling up to par since. He has been fever-ish and just blah...but super cuddly which I've missed so much! He has become so independent that cuddling is a very rare thing in our house anymore!
We have spent all weekend resting, getting ready for our long over-due trip to Boise this coming week, and spending as much time as we can with Daddy before we leave him this week for 13 whole days!

 He loves when Daddy comes home from work.

 He loves Saturday football talk [literally play by plays] with Daddy.
[teach him young is our philosophy!]

 And his favorite time of the day- hanging out with Daddy on the bed before bath time! He knows it's coming, he can hear the bath water, and he knows Daddy is going to bounce him on the bed, over and over again!

This is one loved little boy. [that's an understatement!]

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