Friday, September 23, 2011


Wow. Almost a whole week without blogging. I should have an amazing excuse of some kind. But I don't. I should have some sort of explanation. But I don't. I must have been super busy this week. But I wasn't. Really...I just haven't blogged. We haven't gone anywhere. The weather has been nice too. My house is still a mess. There is laundry in the dryer [two days and counting]...and for some reason. I'm totally okay with it. 
[secret: honestly, more than okay with it!]
I did manage to make it to one play group this week.
Introduced some new foods to Hudson.
Got back on our [hudson's] sleep schedule [hallelujah] 
& booked a flight to Boise in November.
[secret: that trip couldn't come soon enough]

Yep, all of that in one week! Pretty impressive right?!
shameful. actually.
But you know what. I've come to realize. It doesn't even matter.
You want to know why?
[another secret] Because this little boy is happy.

[secret: this boy is almost 5 months old.]

who would want to even attempt getting anything done when you could be spending your time with this little peanut?
[secret: obviously not me.]

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