Sunday, September 18, 2011

blades of grass....

horrible mom award goes

I realized tonight on our walk around the park that out of the 2309582034698203986 bazillion times I've taken Hudson to the park, on walks, and outside, he has not once
 sat on,
 or even put a toe or finger on,

 a blade of grass.

Now I'm not saying that I particularly love the feel of grass between my toes, or the stains it may leave on white clothing [or any color for that matter] but the fact that he has not even touched it...let's just say I was feeling a little guilty, like I was holding him back, wasn't letting him live every day to the fullest or something. I know this all may sound so crazy, but its true.
I was not going to hold him back any longer!
Tonight was the night!
It took a little while for him to warm up to the idea.
But then, he was loving it. [it actually ended up in his hands, headed straight for his mouth. I missed that Kodak moment.]
 oh, this boy makes us so happy.

 LOVED the that he can sit up the sky is the limit!
[he even sat in a high chair at dinner this weekend!]
Hudson's new "happiest place on earth"
The park is about 3minutes from our house...
I think we wore him out!

And yes. I'm feeling much better about this whole 'blades of grass' situation.
Thank you for asking!

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