Thursday, September 29, 2011

one to four...

when Kalob and I got married, for our reception instead of a normal guest book, I decided that I wanted a photo book as a guest book that people would sign, so we would have a hard copy, with all of our engagement pictures together in one place, and all of the advice and love that our wedding guests shared with us.
Now that we have a baby, I decided that I wanted to stay on top of his life. Obviously I'm not going to miss much considering I'm with him every single day, and I take 1209582039820 pictures every single day, but I wanted to keep up on my blog, take pictures, and have a hard copy of all of his first adventures through age one [at least] for future reference! I decided that I would break up his life and keep track as we went along, and then like our guest book, I would create a photo book, with stories and pictures of Hudson's life from the beginning to the end of his first year!

1-4 months. [cover]
 from beginning...
to the middle...
 to the end of 4 months.

[you're welcome. I spared you pictures of the other 31 pages!]

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