Tuesday, September 27, 2011

no big deal...

my family is a pretty big deal. [no really we are.]
We don't anything small. nothing. Holidays are something we do not look over.
St. Patricks Day : green foot prints through out the house, green milk, and gold coins.
Valentines Day : candy [pez] & cards on our night stands.
Christmas: Everything starts December 1st! Decorating, cookie frosting, parties, calender surprises, games and pjs.
New Years: Always a party going on. Chinese Food and the countdown.
Fourth of July: HUGE [mainly because it's my favorite holiday and everyone knows it.] salt water taffy, huge bbq with family and friends, fireworks [legal of course..cough cough.] grandma's baked beans and potato salad and the famous slip and slide.
and when it comes to birthdays...
it's usually a
 "birthday week extravaganza"
[ I would always come home from college to celebrate this week]

Now that I have a child of my own...the fun hasn't stopped. It's just getting started!
My baby is 5 months old. No big deal?! No, this is a gigantic deal!

We started the weekend off with a present for Hudson...

 which he loved...[hours of entertainment right here!]

We went to the park, went on the swings, and played in the grass!
Skyped with Nana and Papa and Aunt Aly [conference calls are the best!]

He even got to stay up late [8:30. wooohooo I know.] and play!

 [we are still unsure where he gets those amazing baby blue eyes, because it didn't come from mommy OR daddy! They are to die for though, so no questions will be asked!]
How has 5 months already come and gone?! I ask myself every single day how I got to be so lucky. This little boy is my absolute world. Crazy to think that one person can change your life in such an amazing way.
I mean, I miss this boy when he sleeps.
but something that is even crazier to me...not only is Hudson 5 months old already, but I've been a mom for 5 months! [no big deal] The best part is, I seriously wouldn't have it any other way!

mommy loves you. so much. baby boy.

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