Saturday, September 10, 2011

in denial...

I'm in complete and utter denial [still].
I'm in denial that my "baby" is almost 5 months old.
[secret: Kalob had to pretty much make me schedule his 6 month well-check appointment] 
I'm in denial that my little peanut is moving into 6 month clothing.
I find myself putting on 3 month shorts,
wondering why they are tight around his tummy and short on his chubby little legs.
When his little 3month onsies are tight enough that I have to stretch them before I put them on his body, I think it should be a sign that I need to extend his wardrobe and finally pull out all of his 6 month clothing and actually put them on hangers. [we may need a bigger closet.]
I certainly let it go on too long, you know, living in denial, to the point when my little buggy's feet were sticking off the edge of the baby bathtub, and when he would sit up in the bathtub, the water would barely cover the top of his thighs...
So we had to make a change...

Mister now sits up in the "big boy" tub.
I think he would start swimming if I let him.
Maybe start blowing some bubbles.
Sub-merging his head and opening his eyes is a high possiblity as well.
He is loving his new found freedom. [It makes mommy nervous.]

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