Friday, September 2, 2011

coming and going...

I have come back from a little lunch date with ms. [soon to be mrs.] abby at the cheesecake factory down in denver. It was a much needed drive down there and a much needed catch up session over some yummy pasta and sprite, oh and some sticky fingers while feeding Hudson a banana. He was the happiest little camper. ever. He loved abby's smile, and loved all of the people that walked by and smiled. little flirt. He was getting a little cranky and I knew he was 'working on something'...we finished lunch, abby helped me out to my car and I knew we were going to have to change Hudson before making the trip back home...I was not prepared for what I was about to encounter.
biggest blowout ever.
I changed him in the backseat of the car. His clothes were not wearable [luckily I had an extra pair], I used every single wipe I had in the car and went through about 3 diapers to try and clean up the mess, all while looking at my baby boy and the grin on his face! I texted abby and told her what had happened after she left and the events she was missing out on...her response-
 "it's worth it cause he is absolutley adorable"
couldn't have said it better myself.

Jeff and Kiley have come and gone. It was amazing to spend a little time with them and I think it's more than safe to say that they fell in love with Hudson and Hudson fell in love with them. I was a little worried because he has been attached to me for the past two months. It was a "no question" kind of thing when his bottom lip would stick out and quiver and his eyes would fill up with tears if anybody but mommy was holding him [seriously the cutest thing in the world though.] But he handled Jeff and Kiley like a champ. I was a little bummed because Kalob wasn't able to even see them due to his flight getting in way late - christmas here was come.
Kalob got in late last night - [I haven't even given my husband a hug] Jeff and Kiley left this morning, and now I'm packing us for a quick trip to Wyoming, which is more like packing for a 2 week trip with a baby. I have to be overly-prepared!
Mr. H can be a little unpredictable in new situations.
how many diapers will he go through? I don't know, I'll pack 50.
how many outfits will he need? I can't accurately guess, I'll pack 15.
how much formula will he eat? I can't even go there, so I'll pack 2 tubs.

books. toys. play mat. bumbo. blankets. burp rags. pjs. pack and play. church clothes. food. car seat. a full diaper bag. patience. monitors. wipes. bottles. medication. gripe water. oh the list.
pray this goes well.
If it doesn't we have something to look forward to...
sam and danny are coming.
no big deal!
Sam and I are like...

Cristina and Meredith
Lauren and Lo
Rachel and Monica

[if you don't know who I'm talking about here, you have not spent thursday nights watching tv with your girlfriends. end of story.]
I'm a little excited!

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