Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a visit from friends to cows...

kalob has been home a lot during the day lately, and gone at night for work, so we have been taking advantage of daddy being at home! we have come to the conclusion that we are home bodies. Nothing is wrong with that, but some may think we are kind of boring- [maybe that's just what happens when you have a baby] except this week! This is a pretty big week for us Komma's. Kalob will be doing some traveling, [more about that later on in the week.. so stay tuned] I will be goign down to denver to have some girl time [although I'm bringing the most handsome date] and get ready for it...
jeff and kiley are coming.
Kiley is one of my best friends from high school, and sadly, I've discovered that I haven't seen her since Kalob and I were married. That's over a year ago and we just had to put an end to it! Jeff is going to be attending college down in Texas and they just happen to be driving through Colorado on their way! [pictures to come I'm sure!] And then we head up to Wyoming for a day this weekend to spend some time with the cows...yah you heard me right. [never in a million years would I have guessed that I would not only marry a cowboy, but a cowboy from wyoming, a cowboy from wyoming who grew up on a ranch, a cowboy from wyoming who grew up on a ranch who, he, himself owns multiple cows, and now goes for visits to "work the cows"...lets be honest, I didn't even know what 4H was before we met. who would have thought.]

We will see how my little man does with all the excitement!

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