Saturday, August 27, 2011


this week has been full of firsts, "wows", & "oh my goodness"s...

my baby is 4 months old.
seriously. where has the time gone?!
I literally feel like my water had just broken, we were bringing him home from the hospital, and that he was taking his first bath.
I guess they really do grow up.
While turning 4 months we went in for his well care doctor's appointment.

18 lbs. 11 oz. [I have proof] [97%]
27in tall. [94%]
17 1/4 [85% - head circumference]

yah. that is my "baby". I probably wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't actaully seen him, on the scale, the numbers increasing, and finally stabalizing at 18 lbs.
Buggy also got his 4 month shots. He is always a champ when the shots actaully come, still flirting with the doctor and nurses, giggles on our way out of the room, always passes out on the way home,&  sleeps for a few hours afterward. He followed the normal routine this time, except when he woke up, he was not my happy baby. Poor little man had a fever, [i thought he was going to catch on fire. literally.] his legs were swollen, he was just so out of it. I've come to the conclusion that it is the worst feeling- feeling so helpless when your child doesn't feel good.
One good thing. He was mommy's cuddle bug. [and that's a dang good feeling.]

We also got the go ahead to introduce solid foods!
Hudson absolutley hated rice cereal. He seemed to find every single way to get it out of his mouth. He ended the cereal attempt with a lovely sneeze all over mommy!
But this morning I was eating a peach for breakfast, and he wouldn't take his eye off of it, so out came the blender to see if the peach would be a hit.

He LOVED them. so much. [thanks to ashley and dave for introducing us to literally the best "baby food feeder' ever. For those that have never seen them, the top part opens, you put your food in- bananas, berries, really anything that can be squished - and the bottom part is like a mesh net. Your baby can suck the food right out and it makes for a little less mess. amazing.]

Proof: It's in his eyes when he sees me, when he eats, when he smiles, and even when he cries. This little boy knows he is loved!

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