Wednesday, August 3, 2011

done our share...

I have certainly flown back to Boise more in the past year than I ever thought was possible (sometimes more than twice a month). I have flown so much in the past year that the Southwest check- in man at the boise airport, knows my name & knows what time I fly in and out. I've flown so much in the past year that one of the security woman in the Denver airport pretty much kept track of my pregnancy,  knew which flip flops were mine coming out of the scanner, and the last time I flew with Hudson, she acted like she had watched him grow up.

To say the least, I think we have done our share, and I'm sure we have kept at least a flight attendent employed by our "donations" to the airline. haha.

moral to this story...
we have done our share &
Just booked our free tickets to Boise for Christmas. 
Yes. we are finally using our free tickets for 2 weeks of absolute bliss in Boise with family and friends.
Thank you Southwest Airlines for rapid rewards and free tickets. The Komma's love you!

oh, have I mentioned lately that I'm absolutley in love with this little boy?!

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