Thursday, July 7, 2011

oh the attention on the fourth...

fourth of july is by far, without question, my favorite holiday. ever.
So when we decided to bless Hudson in Boise, over the Fourth of July weekend, you can understand my extreme excitement! We decided to drive (I refuse to bite the bullet and register my car here in Colorado, I know I know, don't tell, so I needed to re-register my car and get an emissions test.) Although the drive would be long, I knew it was going to pretty dang epic. We were able to make a stop somewhere in Wyoming for some very "legal" (ha!) fireworks, which totally made my year! haha.
We had an amazing bbq with tons of family and friends. Hudson was loving all of the attention!

"Aunt" Lisa.
 Great-Grandma & Grandpa.
 Great Grandma Connie.
 Cousin Lauren. (they have the best "chats")
Aunt Aly.

 It was so nice to spend some time with my brother and his wife. We miss them terribly.
He absolutley fell in love with Aunt Jenny. I think it's safe to say that she fell in love with him too.

Hudson had so much fun, found so many new things to look at, and recieved so much attention, that he totally forgot to sleep, ALL DAY! until we got home, and he crashed! Poor little peanut.

WoW. picture overload.
This year was certainly different from all of the rest, because, well- I have a baby now. Funny how a baby changes your whole life right?! Fireworks were not Hudson's favorite thing. To be honest, it scared him to death, his face said it all, and although he didn't cry, I did. It was the most terrified face I had ever seen and it broke my heart! Although he didn't like the noise, he LOVED looking through the front window at them and their fun colors and lights! The "legal" fireworks were amazing, and big, and loud, and caused all the neighborhood kids to come running "you illegal people, don't you know that we aren't supposed to have big fireworks, and those are TOO big!" Thank you, 5 year old! Hilarious! Let me tell you, we know how to through a PaRtY!

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