Thursday, July 7, 2011


We decided to bless Hudson in Boise and we are so thankful we did. We had so many people, friends and family, that were there to support our little peanut. Our friends and family filled the middle section of the chapel! I'm still waiting on a few more pictures, but Hudson and Kalob matched! I know I know, I turned into the mom that I never thought I would be! haha. But really, look how cute- I couldn't resist. 
My biggest fear was laid to rest right after the blessing as well.Hudson didn't make a peep (no tears, no screams, sqeels, or big poops) he didn't spit up when kalob held him up for the congregation, and I trust my husband more than anything, but I always had this fear (ever since I was like 12) that my husband would mishap and drop the baby, or the baby would fling forward or backward (dramatic? possibly. But I've heard it happening before.) 

I seriously feel so blessed. I love my little family more than anything in this world. We are so grateful for the friends and family that came to support Hudson. He is one lucky little boy.

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