Monday, June 27, 2011

proud mamma...

I know this blog has totally become an "All about Hudson" blog, and I'm not going to apoligize, but I will give you a heads up, because once again, this post is going to be
all about hudson!
First, I need to begin by saying that I love this little peanut more than anything in this world. Second, I need to tell you that he is no longer "little". Third, I'm raising a flirt and a charmer- already. Fourth, I am one incredibly proud mamma for many reasons but today was the beyond dreaded (and by dreaded I mean I've literally been dreading this day since the day he was born) 2 month appointment, and with that appointment came his shots. I just couldn't imagine someone else causing pain to him while I just stood and made me cry just thinking about it.
I asked Kalob to meet me at the doctors office for a little support, and because I knew that if he was there then I couldn't back out. haha.
Hudson suprised me once again.
He flirted with every nurse that came in the office (one heard that he was a looker, and just came in to see him) smiling, and laughing with them, maybe he thought he could get out of what was about to happen?! hahaha. He took his measurments with flying colors...
Height: 24in (80%)
Weight: 13.9 lbs (85%)
Head Circumference: 16.4 in (75%)
Yes. You read all of that right. Yes. He is a tank, but he is my perfect "little" tank! haha.
and then the shots, and guess what? He managed to do those with flying colors as well, with no tears until I had to put him back into his carseat! He even got blue camo band-aids! He is such a big boy, who made me one proud mamma once again!

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