Friday, April 15, 2011

"welcome to motherhood..."

No, little baby k has not come yet...and you know that countdown that I'm pretty much obsessed with, you know- the one where we only had 10 days left until he comes...throw it all away.

It's been quite the eventful past two days. Thursday night I honestly thought that his little feet were going to poke right out of me, very painful, very uncomfortable, but started getting excited due to the contractions about eight minutes apart. I tried to sleep as best as I could, knowing that I had a doctors appointment coming in the morning. I woke up, my tummy looked different when looking in the mirror this morning, and breathing and actaully sitting up seemed a little bit easier. My doctors appointment came and contractions had sub-sided, but my blood pressure was sky rocket. no bueno. My doctor was not a very happy camper, and ordered labs and evaluations right away- but not before an ultrasound.

The first thing the ultrasound tech said was...

"wow, his head is really low. "

Me: "what? why is his head low?" (totally snappy and beyond rude... I'm sure.)

Tech: "Well, that's usually where the baby's head is when you are close to delivery..."(laughing)

Me: " not my baby, his bum is down...are you sure that's his head?" (obviously in shock)

Tech: "looks like he is no longer breech, this is a good thing!" (smiling and bouncing out of the room)

I don't remember saying anything after my stuff and walked to the hospital, hysterically crying, thinking that most of the pain I was feeling last night was this little man "flipping", and trying to talk and explain things to Kalob. He left work right away to be with me, knowing I was in no shape to do this all by myself today.

My countdown = ruined.

My plans = ruined.

My blood pressure and heart rate = through the roof.

Kalob's planned time off = ruined.

My mom's flight plan = ruined.

Baby's arrival date= shattered and canceled.

I got to the fifth floor, changed into a lovely gown, and waited.

Baby's heart rate = perfect.

My temperature= perfect.

My blood work= perfect.

My blood pressure= too high. too low. after an hour= perfect.

Urine samples = perfect.

Kalob's timing= perfect.

My tears and emotions= NOT in check!

I was able to call my mom, who seemed to put them in check for me.

"Welcome to motherhood, sweetheart."

The nurse came in to re-adjust the heart rate belt...

"I think you just got a real taste of motherhood..."

Our doctor came to check on us...

"I'm really sorry that things seem to be crumbling...but welcome to motherhood."

Are we seeing a pattern?! I realized that my plans may have been altered a little bit, but this little man inside of me- his were not. Starting 9 months ago, he become number one.

I'm here for a bit longer, and then I go back in tomorrow for another evaluation and check, and we will go from there.

Now, I just have to wrap my head around pushing a baby out of one of the smallest holes in my body...oh, give me strength!

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  1. I love this. Not that your plans were ruined, or that you were in pain - but that I'm not alone ind the planning. I had everything planned down to what I wanted to be wearing when I went into labor, and who I would call, and what I would say and how I wanted to labor...But, it was all ruined by having to be induced. And then Jack was in the NICU and I had high blood pressure for days and it just seemed like nothing was ever going to be the way it was 'supposed' to be.

    Motherhood! Ha. It is what it is and there is little to nothing you can do to control it. You'll learn quick, it sounds like you have already, that being a mom isn't about making and sticking to the plans, it's about being the one who can keep everyone together as the plans change or even fall apart.

    Hoping my little one turns, but if not, I'm hoping when we turn him on Tuesday or Wednesday it causes me to go into labor.

    Happy Pushing Mommy! It's not so bad, it was the quickest two hours of my life! You forget about everything once they put that tiny little life on your chest and he looks at you for the first time. <3


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