Saturday, March 19, 2011

bed time stories...

As I have mentioned many times before, I do not read. I do not like to read. I will not volunteer to read. I will avoid reading if I can..."big kid" books that is.
Definition of "big kid books" - any book that is over 20+ pages, doesn't have a picture on every page, talks about "big kid" things, uses "big kid" words - where you really do need definitions.
Aside from all this, "little kid" books are disqualified and do not count- because I am obsessed! Kalob sure does love me, considering he has gone along with my new little obsession...every single night! I started to figure that I would be reading to our little man every night before bed, so what better way to practice, than to actaully practice. hahaha. We read- meaning I read and Kalob intentfully listens - a new children's book every night!
On the list for tonight...You are Special. If you haven't read it- you need to- it will most likely change your life!

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