Thursday, February 17, 2011

words can not describe.

It's the morning time. Yah that's right, 3:46AM to be exact. I'm supposed to be leaving on an airplane in about 3 hours to arrive in only the most amazing city and state in the world...BOISE IDAHO, and I'm up with the worst chest congestion, cough, runny nose, draining eyes, pounding headache, sleepy body & extremely bi-polar body temperature I have ever experienced...words honestly can't describe the anger I'm feeling right now. I guess it was bound to happen, being pregnant means your immune system has lowered, but I honestly thought I was in the clear. I guess that's what I get being in little kid's mouths all day, with gloves and a mask on of course, but still...the germs and sneezes, runny noses, and heaven knows what else that walks through the dental office doors.

This weekend is going to be thrilling, and already I'm completely booked out. Every minute of every hour will be spent with family and friends as I travel for an amazing baby shower, and what I'm calling my last HOOO-RAH before "baby" comes. The last time I will be able to fly, and we all know that I'm not about to drive 13 hours (which would end up being at least 20 with bathroom breaks!) Crazy to think that after this weekend, the next time I see my family, I will be a mommy to a baby boy, my parents will be grand-parents for the first time (I still don't think they are old enough, so we may have to come up with some other names for them besides grandma and grandpa), my brother and sister will have new titles of aunt and uncle for the first time, my grandparents will take on great-grandparent titles for the first time, and kalob and I, well, we will be parents, for the first time & dinner dates with my girlfriends will soon turn into "come visit me at home" nights, for the first time.
So, please, nasty cold, runny nose, and my waterfall of eyes, please get better to make this last HOO-RAH unforgettable.

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  1. hmmmm visits at home? Can't we just pack that baby to go and bring him with us? ;)


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