Thursday, September 30, 2010

time for catch up!

Okay, so we are going to play a little game of catch up. Kalob and I have been quite the busy couple lately and it seems that I haven't even had time to sit down, let alone sit down and start a blog. So we are going to go on a rollercoaster...starting now.
We got married. May 8th, 2010 in the Boise, Idaho Temple for time and all eternity. It was seriously my fairytale wedding.

We were so lucky to be able to head straight from our wedding on an amazing week cruise to the Western Caribbean. It was just what we needed, especially right before the C R A Z Y news we were about to learn about....


i will tell you right now, not the most amazing news just 2 weeks after you get married, especially when you have a beautiful house, you have lived in a place your whole life, have unpacked everything from the wedding, live 5 minutes from parents, and you have 1 month to pack up your things and move to a state you've never been...nobody ever said it would be easy right...little did i know!

Kalob recieved a call that he had recieved a job, an amazing job that is, in Widsor, Colorado....and we took the job. Kalob would end up starting work 2 weeks from that call, a blessing, but that left me all alone to pack, quit my job, rent out the house, fly to Colorado and pick out an apartment (luckily he was there to help with that one! )and relocate my life all in 2 weeks! Ready or not right?! Here went nothing! From there I started packing up our stuff, saying goodbye to friends and family, getting the house ready to show (i chose to be a "realtor"), flew out to Colorado and picked an apartment and we signed the lease, had an open house in Wyoming and all along the front of the house was torn apart due to new hardwood flooring being put while all of that sounds overwhelming, the hardest part: being away from my husband, may i remind you- we have only been married for about 3 weeks at this time, but there was absolutley NO time to even think about being sad or lonely! haha. I just felt incredibly lucky to have amazing friends and family help us pack up and get everything ready in time for the big, what seemed like cross country, 14 hour road trip to our new home in Colorado. My mom was able to drive with me while kalob drove the biggest and longest Penske truck available- packed FULL of everything we owned.

Now we are truckin' right along. So once we got to Colorado, Kalob works as a chemical engineer, and I was lucky enough to find a job just 2 weeks after we arrived in a pediatric dental office- I couldn't have asked for a better dentist to work for or a better job... would have to say that not very many people L O V E going to work everyday, but I'm that exception! Work and sleep seem to consume our lives since we have moved...but we have been so blessed.

OH and did i mention...from getting married, honeymoon, from moving out to moving in, being away from eachother, finding a job, working like crazy all in FOUR months...we found out some other news.....

W E 'R E H A V I N G A B A B Y!


  1. Love it! So glad you have a blog now. Miss you!

  2. Oh my goodness Elise... CRAZY is right!!! These are exciting times for you two. I'm so glad you have a blog to write it all down. You will be so glad you did! (And we are too!)


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