Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Clearly we have a lot to catch up on considering I have missed about three weeks of WIHUTW!
Crazy I know!
So here we go, back on the bandwagon of
What is Hudson Up to Wednesday...
because i know that you all want to know!

 - We have been practicing with our new toddler headphone 
[which are amazing by the way] for our airplane trip at the end of the month!

 - this time change has been kicking our butts the past few days...
so we stay in jammies and watch Toy Story - 
which I have to limit during the day to one FULL viewing.

-We have been having the most bipolar weather here in Colorado, but we had to live up at least one of the crazy blizzards and go sledding...well Kalob and Hudson went sledding while I took pictures!

- We have had serious talks with daddy.

-We do dishes with pink swim goggles on...because it's the only cool way to do them.

-We have taken a visit to see the baby chicks at the farm story.

-We like to ride on mamas back and jump up and down. Looks pretty fun right?!

- And we think that daddy makes the best horsey ever.
Having a case of the Wednesdays?!
You can thank me later...
T R Y     N O T    T O     L A U G H 
 W H I L E     W A T C H I N G 
T H E      F O L L O W I N G . . . 

Your Welcome!


  1. Oh my goodness, those headphones are too cute on him!

  2. We went to look at the baby chicks too.

  3. Adorable pics! Where are those chickies??

  4. Those videos are way too cute, I love his little laugh!! Same with all of the pictures - way cute :D


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