Wednesday, February 20, 2013


What is Hudson up to Wednesday  

While Hudson has been incredibly infatuated with his new busy board and Monsters Inc this week, we haven't done much else. 
Church gives us a chance to actually get out of our pajamas, into some adorable clothes, and we don't have another option than to go outside. It's been incredibly cold lately, so when we can go out without a coat, it's a magical day!

As much as I hate even post this next part...It has got to be documented.
There aren't even words to describe what I walked back into after putting towels away...
 All the clothes were pulled out of the dryer...
and he was on his way...

and I thought having peda stools was the most brilliant idea ever for under my red front loaders!
Oh, and if you are wondering...having a red washer and dryer makes doing laundry so much more fun!


  1. He is so cute!! I love his hair!!

  2. I'm more than positive my parents have a picture of me in the dryer as well! Too funny (: he's adorable!!

  3. Hahaha, too adorable! I love his green pants, too!

  4. He is such a cutie! I love his lil' mohawk!


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