Monday, February 4, 2013

freakin' birthday...

could totally be writing about the spray tanned, bleached teeth, hair gel, sign language man that totally took "America the Beautiful's" thunder, the super disturbing Go Daddy commercial  the Beyonce half time show and her outfit that every women seems to want for a boudoir photo shoot, the wardrobe malfunction that she seemed to have forgotten. Or even how Beyonce took all the power and the game was delayed, which was probably a good thing for the 49ers so they could stand around and talk for 25 min about how badly they were losing, while the ravens stretched and kept warm...
OR I could write about how today is my birthday, how i'm turning 25, and write an entire post about myself...but instead, I get to write about this guy...
and our birthday!
If you follow this blog at all, and have read a post or two, you know that I have a twin. 
Thankfully that "twin" didn't come out being another girl, 
because I don't know if I could have competed with that!
turns out, we out grew the stage that I was taller than him.
The stage that I would give him money because I felt bad for him that he chose not to do his chores.
Or all the times that I would get in trouble for him, all because I would open my mouth, and he wouldn't.
Pretty much I was an awesome sister....
but then again, he was a pretty awesome brother...
I mean, what brother lets you date his best friends?!
Okay, so I only dated one of them, but still...
It was probably the brother, that has an awesome sister that lets him date her best friends!
 I may be a little bias, but this was, hands down, the most amazing way to grow up.
Sharing a birthday was never a horrible thing...I mean, two cakes, double the parties, I mean, it may have been horrible for my mom at 8 months pregnant with both of us in there, but again, I remind you, two cakes, double the seems to work itself out!
Oh and the best thing about it all, turns out, this kid just happens to be my best friend.
He has done amazing things for himself, married the most incredible person, and is still one of the funniest guys I know. And now, it's not double the's only a party when he is there!
We have made it 25 years...he is certainly taller than me now, [probably] smarter, one minute older, doesn't dress in sequence, definitely has some much cooler sunglasses now, and can for sure beat me on the double tube any day. He can kick my trash in a game of scum, has become an entrepreneur and business owner, and can still be the only person that I want to talk to about things some times.  
I'll share my birthday with him any day....
not that I had much of a choice...but if I did, I'd still do it!

h a p p y    f r e a k i n'    
b i r t h d a y   b r o t h e r!
[and to me...]


  1. Yay!! Happy birthday to both of you!!

  2. Awesome ~ twins are cool!
    Happy Birthday Elise! and to your twin!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady! This post just made me cry! You are one amazing sister and best friend. I sure am happy that you get to share this day! Love you oh so much!


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