Thursday, December 6, 2012

makeup bag...

I can't not even begin to tell you how many people have asked me what mascara I use & what's in my make-up bag. I've been putting this post off for far too long...until today. 

Let me warn you...below you will see me without make-up. Scary?! possibly.
Also, my make-up bag is extremely simple, so if you are looking for some amazing-ness- you are looking in the wrong place. If you are looking for some crazy expensive brands, you won't find them here!
Everything is simple.
Everything is affordable.
Everything below works for ME.


Now let's get started!

These two colors are my go-to...they go with anything & look amazing together.

I actually use TWO different kinds of mascara, while I sit on my bathroom counter to apply them both! Judge if you must. But that is my secret that so many of you have wanted to know!
Covergirl LashBlastVolume Mascara for the top eyelashes, and Maybelline Falsies Mascara for the bottom lashes...may sound weird, but it works best for me...they seem to do two different things for my eyes...I have to do what I have to do, right?!
Super simple foundation routine, but I do use two different types of covergirl liquid foundation. Age rewind [that makes me sound so old, but it's creamier.] and the long-lasting. covergirl foundation. I've never been able to find the right shade for my skin, so I mix the two together to get the perfect shade, and then use the Covergirl powder foundation to set my foundation and keep it in place.
Usually I JUST use EOS "egg" chapstick or carmex [I'm a little addicted.], but when I need a little more color, I use the Target brand, e.l.f., matte lip color.
confession: I have never used brushes...not even for blush or bronzer, until about 2 weeks ago. I know I know! haha. I'm sure I could spend a lot of money on the best brushes, but these e.l.f. brushes from target [$1 each, no joke.] are working amazing for me and my routine.
Bobbi Brown black liquid eyeliner.
Covergirl pink 110 blush, right above my cheek bones.

done and done! 


Do you have any make-up routine secrets?!
Any products you absolutely love?!
Please share them!


  1. You are Beautiful before and after!! Thanks for sharing. I really wish I could wear cover girl..since it is affordable and I want eyes lashes like that ...but for some unknown reason I cant wear it..every time I have tried I have had a bad reaction :( BOO

  2. Oh my gosh first off I wished I looked that good without make-up! You are beautiful. And this post helped me alot. I have been needing a new mascara because the one I love is way too much money and I need a cheaper kind so I love trying new kinds and you eyelashes are amazing so I can't wait to try these! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Soooooo pretty!!!!

    Now we must have a blate!!!


  4. What covergirl foundation is it that you use? I don't think I've really tried any covergirl foundations. I love maybelling mascara... I have the falsies as well! :)

  5. You look gorgeous. Now, a tutorial on how you get all that volume in your hair!?

  6. You are sooo pretty without makeup! JEALOUS! xo C

  7. I use to different mascaras too!! But I use them both on my top because my eyelashes hate me!!! You look beautiful with and without make up!!
    - Nicole @

  8. You look beautiful even without makeup! Your complexion is very pretty :)

    I might try the different mascaras tip, too!

  9. I love it - I gotta start spending more time doing this, this little tutorial helps!

  10. We use the same eyeshadow (best ever), mascara, blush and brushes! haha I didn't think to use both of the mascaras together though, I will have to try that. :)

  11. i love makeup routine posts! :) I use 2 different mascaras too, one of them is the purple maybelline falsies! isn't it great?

  12. so I know I'm going to be repeating pretty much what everyone has said, but you are beautiful even without makeup! And yeah, those ELF brushes work quite well to be a $1. I worried that many little hairs would end up on my face, but they stay put. my wallet and face is happy!

  13. I don't really use brushes for foundation or powder either, but when I do, it is elf!

  14. you are too cute! I am going to have to try those mascaras :)

  15. What a fun post!! The makeup looks great but you are just gorg NO MATTER WHAT with or without!

  16. You are absolutely gorgeous! With and without makeup!! I absolutely love your style :)


    PS ~ If you lost a GFC follower today it was me and this is why

  17. You are gorgeous with and without makeup girly!!!! I have the falsies mascara and ADORE it. I am kind of a mascara whore so I tend to switch off quite often. I want those eyeshadows like right now, gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this I love seeing everyones makeup/hair routines! Xo

  18. stunning with and without makeup but ADORE your eye makeup x

  19. You are gorgeous without make-up too!! ^_^

  20. Sometimes I use two mascaras too. I personally like the Maybelline Falsies Flared mascara better than the regular falsies, but I use it on both top and bottom. My other favorite is Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes.

  21. Not that it is my place to put an opinion on your look and makeup, but....Seriously!?!?! You are so gorgeous without makeup and hair spray. Wayy pretty without makeup. Just sayin! I'm addicted to makeup too, and I used to wear drag queen amounts and dye my hair black and after having a baby stopped but then slowly started doing my makeup again and my husband hates makeup on me. I feel ugly and naked without it but I'm starting to notice how much more I like females who have natural beauty to go without makeup. It just makes sense, no need to cover your face!


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