Wednesday, October 24, 2012


What is Hudson up to Wednesday...

I really didn't want to write this post...because once I write it then I feel like it's reality...
that my baby...
1 8   m o n t h s  o l d .
Yep. I said it. 

I've been in complete denial that this day would come to be honest. I used to have a baby...a little baby boy who slept all the time, who hated to be set down, and who would cuddle right up under your chin. 
18 months...that's a year and a half old. 
no turning back now right?!
This is the time that people really start to ask you when the "next one" is coming. 
[not that they haven't already been asking...goodness gracious.]
i have been so incredibly lucky to have Hudson all to myself...and for now, I LOVE it that way.

I love when he wakes up in the morning.
[I tend to miss him at night.]
I love when he laughs so hysterically that he can't breath.
I love that gives me loves & kisses, and even blows me kisses.
[they are the most slobbery, open mouth kisses, ever.]

I love that Hudson is so observant.
Makes up his own songs.
His own dances.
His own songs.

I love that he loves to brush his teeth...all day long.
[it's the little things, people.]

And in honor of being a huge & big 18 months...
Naturally we had to make some cupcakes ...[this was his first time!]

Num. Num. Num.
 [anonymous....I promise, you can't photoshop those eyelashes!]

 We also spent this day at the park...because I know that if it were up to H, and he was able to tell me exactly where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do, he would yell from the roof tops "park".

I know that every mom says it, and it may get old, blah blah blah...but honestly I don't know how the heck he grew up so dang fast, because I didn't let it happen! I can tell you one thing is for sure...I love this boy more and more every single day!

I mean, come on, look at that face [and his rock!].


  1. HE IS SOOO CUTE! I love the last pics of him in his red sweater, adorbs. Motivating me here to get out with the camera, I have a 16.5 month old!


  2. Your little boy is so adorable. :) And congrats on 500 followers! How exciting. :))


  3. It's crazy when they hit those milestones and you just keep thinking how did this happen? Where did the time go?!

  4. Awww those last 2 pics are too stinkin cute and what a great rock that is haha

  5. What a sweet, handsome, adorable 18 month old boy! Love the pictures and love the park! Don't blink because the next 18 years will go by in a flash. Take the time and enjoy each and every you do now! See you soon!

  6. Hi there!

    Your son is adorable. My daughter will be 18 months in a few days. The time flies. I just wanted to swing by and say thanks for following. I've actually been following you for quite some time now, but thanks for following me back.


  7. Oh my goodness! He's so precious! Seriously... so cute! I'm a new follower!

  8. How sweet is that face. Those die for!

  9. Oh my gosh! Those eyelashes!! He's just so sweet :)

  10. His outfit in the last pictures is adorable. He is so precious!


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