Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I've been thinking about doing a What I Wore Wednesday for some time now...but then I wake up, look in my closet, throw on sweats to work out, and then stay at home with H, I'm pretty sure that all of my Wednesday posts would love the same...sweats with a t-shirt.
So until that changes [not any time soon I can guarantee that won't be soon] we get to look at one adorable little face that you can't help but fall in love with!

It's been a little bit of a rough few days for this little boy. Daddy's work schedule has been absolutely insane lately, which makes things a little crazy here at the house, which then means that Hudson's schedule has been a little thrown off....but we have managed to snag a few pictures, spend as much time with Daddy as we can, and have tried to keep things as normal as possible!
  • I usually have a protein shake at some point during the day...and Hudson has decided that he needs one as instead of giving up my cup [I know, I'm such a mean mom] we ran to the store.I gave Hudson a choice of 3 colors...he picked the red one, and I have my pink one. Now we sit on the floor after nap time and have our smoothies together.
  •  H has found a new fascination with trash. He wants to throw everything away - diapers, paper, snacks... you name it, he will throw it away, wants to carry the trash to the front door, and then wait for Daddy to help him out to the dumpster.
  •  and last but not least...a video. one of the cutest videos ever. In this house we do college football...and we bleed blue and orange...Boise State that is. Anyway, Hudson had just woken up, needed a snack, and the game was on...and of course they scored a touchdown...well you will see the rest! :) 
  • warning: excuse my annoying mommy voice!
Yeah, that's right...t o u c h d o w n !


  1. Oh that's so cute! I work from home, so I totally understand about WIWW ending up boring - that's why I usually do my "outfit" posts about what I wore Sunday - that's pretty much the only day I dress up! :) Found you from the GFC hop!

  2. Such cute photos!!!
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  3. darling blog..i already love it and how real you are! newest followers..follow us back!


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