Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's that time again...
What is Hudson Up to Wednesday!

warning: picture overload!

I think there was a theme of "art" this week....

I think I see a version of this pin on pinterest every single time I'm I figured it was a time to give it a try and see how Hudson would do with it...
It took him awhileto get used to the ooooie goooie.

 [Red may have not been the best choice of paint...
it kind of looked like a murder scene on my window.]
 By the end of it, he was tracing the letters I would make in the paint...
Such a big boy...

We also made play-doh for the very first time!


  and this, my dear friends, is the face when you taste play-doh. yuck.
We also got a new set of free weights.
Once we brought them into the house, Hudson was so incredibly excited.
He couldn't wait to help daddy put the rack together either...

 I should probably just explain that that is a ten pound weight.
t e n    p o u n d s.
and he is just carrying it around like it's nothing.

I say it all the time, but I feel like he just growing up way too fast.
Has anyone figured out how to stop time yet?!


  1. He's too cute! Just stumbled across your blog via aunie sauce, looking forward to future posts!

  2. He's just too cute! I've always wanted to make my own play-doh, just haven't taken the plunge. :) And, the paint bag is too cute! I love that he traced the letters you made. Good job Mamma!!

  3. Never worry about too many pictures!!! So glad I found you through the hop! :)
    newest follower!

  4. Oh my.... so cute! I love that he lifted that by himself!

  5. gosh, i guess my girl is big enough for those cool things on Pinterest...I always assume they are for much older kids, wahhh! Hudson is precious, excited to follow along :)


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