Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Okay, so I promise you that I will be laughing while writing this whole entire post...please join me.

I was talking to my brother this weekend about some memories from when we were younger. I can remember so much...but there is certainly times that I wish to forget...
like this one...
It was Decemeber and I was about 17. My mom and I were upholding a wonderful and delicious tradition by getting some Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls [haven't had any? find a store and get 5!] at the Boise Town Square Mall. My dad was driving around the parking lot waiting for us [oh how he hates the mall, especially around the holidays] so we needed to be "in and out" with our cinnamon rolls! We had pre-ordered a dozen, they boxed them up, handed us the boxes, and we were on our way...a record I'm sure for two women in a mall!
As we are heading out of the mall, we hop on the escalator to hurry things up a bit...I step on first and my mom follows me...but not for long.
I don't remember exactly how the heck it happened, but about two second into the "ride" I ended up tumbling down the entire escalator....
the entire moving escalator!
cinnamon rolls flying everywhere!
I'm sure it went a little something like this...

[where the luggage comes down, imagine boxes of hot, homemade cinnamon rolls...and where the pilot runs down...imagine my mom!]

I'm sure I was beat red and full of embarrassment...probably didn't even pick up the cinnamon rolls [I don't even remember]...all I remember was begging my mom not to say a single word to my family who was waiting in the car...and if they asked why we were short on cinnamon rolls...tell them they ran out! Yep, I totally asked my mom to lie for me!
I think I lasted about 2 minutes into the ride home before we both started laughing hysterically and broke down and told the rest of my family...and nobody has ever spoken about it since...
until now!

do you have any embarrassing stories that you would just love to share?!
please tell me you do so I'm not alone!


  1. Oh I am sure I could come up with a few lol
    Cute story and absolutely embarrassing hehehe

  2. ha ha ha. Embarassing moments are THE worst when you are in them but a few years later...they are hilarious!

  3. Oh goodness, how embarrassing! You have to admit though, it makes for a good story!
    Newest follower, by the way :)
    Of Thoughts and Things

  4. Hey girl! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Come over and enter my mega random box giveaway {over 30 items}, if you'd like! :)

    Hope to see you there!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  5. Following, not only is the blog precious... But I fell down the stairs of the metro this evening... Klutzy fate guess!

  6. That was so funny! I laughed out loud... now my daughter is sitting by my feet wondering what is wrong with me, lol.

  7. Oh my goodness those moments where you are not sure if you should laugh or cry....or just leave super quickly!! I think I could write an entire book! I am glad you and the cinnamon rolls ended up being okay!!

  8. I did that once! But I was way younger...like 6, so it wasn't quite so embarrassing! Lol

  9. Oh my!! That video just made it even more funny! At the time I'm sure it was everything but...but now looking back how can you not laugh at yourself!;)

  10. Oh my! That is too funny and totally something that would happen to me!


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