Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Oh my I feel so out of loop for this post, and it's my own kid! Man, I don't know how I missed 3 whole weeks of WIHUTW's but I don't think I can do that ever again!
So without further adieu...

What is Hudson Up to Wednesday!

Something fierce hit the Komma house this weekend and we have all been extremely sick. While trying to find the "positive" thing out of it, all we could come up with least we were all sick at the same time!? haha.

It amazes me every single day, that even though this little boy has to be absolutely miserable with a nose that is a freakin' foucet at every second of the day, 4 new teeth coming in, and his eyes watering enough to fill a gardening can by lunch time, he is the happiest little boy on the face of the planet.

Hudson was so incredibly spoiled in Boise, got so much attention- by humans and the dogs, that I think he may be going through withdrawls! My parents have a backyard for him to play in, stairs to climb up and DOWN, and dogs to chase him around the house and to tire him out completely. I feel like we are doing him a little bit of an injustice here! So upon arriving back to Colorado, he seemed a little bored. While we are pretty much stuck inside due to the fire burning so close by, we did manage to get out for some fresh air before the smoke invaded!

-He says "oh wow mOOOm" "oh wow da-deee" all the time.
- Says please and thank you in sign language.
- Still sleeping 13+ hours at night while still taking 2 naps during the day.
[I know I know, hate me! I give all the props to sleep training -
it was by far one of the hardest things I've ever had to do,
 but it's paying off now and I'm not complaining one bit!]
- When I sing "clean up clean up" he will help clean up his toys, and when I give him a wipe, and ask him to "help" he will wipe off his high-chair tray! [cutest thing ever!]
- He is def missing everyone back in Boise, but little does he know we will be making that trek again in just 3 short weeks!

Can't believe he is already
13.5 months old!


  1. His eyes are absolutely gorgeous. So sorry for the sickness.

  2. Sorry everyone has been sick! That is no fun!

  3. those pictures are adorable!! his eyes are gorgeous!! hope you guys are feeling better!

  4. oh my gosh! he is adorable!


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