Sunday, June 17, 2012


Obviously this is going to be one of those clique posts on Father's Day. but I just couldn't resist.

I do want to point out that this post is not only for amazing fathers out there,
but for amazing men in general!
I claim all the time, that I've been truly blessed with amazing men in my life. Growing up I always had my awesome twin brother who was and still is my best friend, a grandpa who took me for drives to 7/11 in the back of his truck, a grandpa who always told me the truth, how things would be and still calls me "lesie", amazing uncles who claimed they would be the ones to call to pick me up from jail if anything were to ever happen [and no, I never had to make that phone call!], the best guy friends a girl could ask for, who have supported me in every decision I've ever made- and believe it or not, they were the ones I hugged first after I got married...

But with all of that said, I can't give enough to credit to the man that raised me, taught me, & supported me. A man who will always be my hero.
My daddy is one of the greatest men I know. I may not have always treated him with the respect that he deserved, but there was never a douby in my mind that he was the best.
 He was always home if he wasn't at work.
He attended every sporting and musical event we ever had and was cheering us on the whole time.
He is one of those guys that everybody likes.
One of the few men who still opens the car door for my mom.
Still sends her "good morning" texts.
My dad taught me how a man should treat a women.
And I'm so beyond grateful he stood by me while
I weeding out the good from the bad and found my prince charming!
Which brings me to this amazing man!
I never knew of a love like I now have with my husband, and it was after we had our son,
 and he became a father, that I realized that my love grew
120948102984x more, pretty much every single day.

Oh how this little boy loves his Daddy!
So much has changed in the past year of our lives, but this man ceases to amaze me.
He is still the hardest working, most caring and calm person I know.
He has never raised his voice or yelled,
I know how to push his buttons, but he rarely loses his patience.
He calls every day on his lunch hour to "check in" on us, and talk to "his boy".
He drops his work bag when he comes through the front door as fast as he can to have his arms open for when Hudson runs through the living room to him.
I don't think it's possible for one girl to get any luckier!
Thank you to all the men in my life.
For the Father's, brothers, uncles, grandpas, and friends on this day...
Happy Father's Day.

I've also stated before that I love holidays! Not a one is excluded and
 not a one isn't celebrated in a big, HUGE way.
So, I saw this bucket, and knew I had to do something with it for Father's Day.
My mind started racing after seeing SO many ideas floating around pinterest!
But, I finally decided I just needed to do something simple, but amazing...

I got some of Kalob's favorite things...
[what guy doesn't want to play with tools and fire!?]

and Wa-La!
a "man basket!"
 I thought it turned out absolutely amazing!!
My boys!
[Excuse Hudson in this picture - it was a little early!!]

Once again,
Happy Father's day [especially to my men!]
 to all you men out there!
I sure do appreciate you!

Have a happy Sunday everyone!


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