Monday, June 25, 2012


 We all have habits.
My habit has been around for as long as I can remember..
 and I'm in my twenties.
If you know me, and know me well, then you know that I have always bitten my nails.
Nervous, happy, mad, bored, angry...I bite my nails.
I don't know why, or how it started, but it hasn't gone away, no matter how hard I have tried.
My grandma would take me to her nail tech to have my nails done...
I would put nasty tasting stuff on my nails...
Rubber bands on my wrists...
I had acrylic nails on for about 5 years straight,
but once I started doing dental assisting, there was an end to my blessed nails.
While we were back in Boise a few weeks ago, I noticed how gorgeous my sister's nails were. I was a little envious so I asked my sister to just paint my nails. It actually gave me the push that I needed to figure out somway to have "pretty" nails....
So since I've been home, I've been painting my nails.
Everytime I am tempted to nibble just a bit, I head to my polish bucket, pick a color, and re-paint.
I've been through a lot of colors the past week...

Yes. I know that I do not have the prettiest hands...
Yes, all of these colors have been used in the past 2 weeks...
and guess what?
I have not bitten my nails in 14 days!
This is  h u g e !

What are some of your favorite nail polish colors?!
At the rate I'm going, I need all the color suggestions I can get!


  1. I love ESSIE right now!! all their colors i love!! all the summer colors. Right now though my favorite favorite would be ANY BRIGHT green..i have no idea why.but I LOVE bright green on my toes!!

    Happy Monday.

  2. I bit my nails a lot too when I was growing up, but now I just do it when I have anxiety... so I have them painted all the time. I buy the ICE brand at Walmart. They're cheap (like two dollars) and have the cutest colors. I have been painting gold lately, and I love it.

  3. Did you find your ring?! Where was it?!

  4. Essie Turquoise & Caicos is my favorite right now!

  5. I'm so like that too. My poor nails, I do bite them and the funny thing is that sometimes I don't even know I'm doing it. I'm working on it though. I love turquoise and orange right now. :)

  6. Well done on not biting your nails for 2 weeks, that's great. I used to have nasty tasting stuff put on my thumb nail because I used to suck it, it never worked though, I'd just suck it off.
    My favourite nail varnish is a teal one by nails inc, other than that I tend to stick with black or grey.

  7. Great job! I bite my nails too and have since childhood. The only thing that ever worked was having acrylics on. Since I can't afford to get them down three times a month I continue to bite them. :(

  8. followed you back =) one of my fave colors is that 2nd one you have up. i have something similar!

  9. Love the colors!!! Congrats on 14 days!

  10. congrats on kicking the habit! Loving that shade of red on the bottom

  11. i am horrible at only ever wearing pink. i need to start playing around with polish colors! I just never buy it! lol


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