Tuesday, January 10, 2012


oh my. we still have crawler. Like, I can't even use the bathroom without Hudson making it over to the trash can, standing up at the trash can, then taking it with him when he sits down...and then proceeding to take out every single piece of trash he can, and throwing it all over the floor. Yep, that's my suprise when I get out of the bathroom!
It's funny. A few months ago I was praying and begging for Hudson to crawl. He literally wasn't showing any interest, hating being on his stomach, and everyone was positive that walking was going to come first [we aren't far behind with that, btw.] But after seeing Hudson's pure frusteration, every single time he would play on the floor, I couldn't take it anymore. So intstead of letting him walk and letting him pace the furniture, I would flip him on his stomach, scrunched up his legs and we would crawl [I know, I'm a mean mom.]
After about 2 weeks, he started loving me again [ha], and he just took off!

[day 5]

[day 10]

[so proud of him!]
How's that for a series?!

No more frusteration for this little boy! His is literally into everything, every cord, every single piece of paper he can find, and already opening the cupboards in the kitchen! So all that praying and begging worked, and now a days it's "oh what did I get myself into!"

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