Monday, October 17, 2011

thank goodness...

My parents have come and gone, and let me just start by saying...
best weekend ever.
plain and simple. best.

They flew in Friday afternoon and the weekend was packed, trying to fit everything in!
So, here's to a l o n g post with tons of pictures!
[at least I warned you]
 I don't think any baby would complain about the attention this little guy all weekend from so many people! Nana and Papa sure know how to make this little boy happy! Thank goodness!

We even had bathtime with Nana and rubber duckie and bubbles! [I totally spilt his soap before he got in, and couldn't get rid of them! Trust me, I tried scooping them out and putting them into the toilet, didn't work so well!] 
Hudson loved Papa and Papa's whiskers!

On Saturday we all woke up and went to the

hudson loved the textures of the pumpkins! This pumpkin patch was seriously amazing!
If you're in Loveland, go to Osborn Farms!

Then for the event of the weekend!
the bsu game!
[pre-game prep]

Hudson looked absolutely adorable in his hat and jersey [start them young right?!] People kept coming up, stopping us, and touching him, grabbing his arms, which totally freaked me out, but I guess that's what happens when your baby is to die for! hahaha. [prideful.totally!]

I was a little worried how Hudson would do for the whole game, just sitting for 4hours, and with all of the noise [ us bronco fans can get quite loud it turns out, we actually got hudson ear plugs!]

But he did fantastic, everyone around us loved him and I think it's safe to say, this little boy LOVES football...thank goodness!
[the sun was obviously horrible for pictures, but still worth capturing every moment!]

 We obviously kicked some serious butt [duh!] with a final score of 63-13 [sorry, rams!]

My phone was going crazy and come to find out from the 938209862098264 texts, we made it on TV! We were surrounded by white colorado shirts!
[great picture right?! hahaha, I just happen to be feeding Hudson a bottle, dangit!]

We also were able to take some amazing family pictures Sunday morning before we left for the airport, [preview to come in next post!]

What a great way to end an amazing weekend!
Thanks again nana and papa for coming and spending it with us!

The only way I was able to drop them off at the airport was knowing that in just 2 short weeks I will be on a plane headed to Boise for 2 weeks with Hudson.
Thank goodness for Boise trips.
Thank goodness for Nana and Papa [who we love SO much].
Thank goodness for amazing weekends
& thank goodness for amazing memories with pictures to prove it!

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