Wednesday, October 19, 2011

more than one...

hudson is just growing up so fast, right before my eyes. He is doing so many new things every single day that just amaze me.

But over the weekend, something happened that I was not ready for. Something that to me, really means that there is no turning back.

Hudson now has adding something new to his body.

My baby boy now has teeth.
yes. teeth.
that is plural.
more than one.

two pearly whites.

I must tell you, he has been a champ. We all know that teeth coming in, is not the most comfortable thing to happen to us- we've all been through it. So imagine not being able to do anything about it. Sure Hudson can stick a washclothe in his mouth or suck on pretty much everything in sight, but medication is out...and for this little guy, it all happened way too fast for me to even have the chance to do anything about it. 
My hands are always in his mouth [ my sound unsanitary to you, but I promise its the best thing for a baby]. I wash his mouth out after almost every bottle & he chews on a toothbrush. These are daily things. So when his gums started getting puffy and the slobber was none stop, I knew something was going to happen, but I wasn't ready for it to happen over night. But I'm so glad it did. My parents were even here to witness that little sharp [like, cut through skin sharp] edge pop right on through. [I'm so glad they were here to be apart of a 'big deal' moment!] 
now there are two.  
I don't have pictures of them [ you try and get your child to open, or let you hold their mouth open, for long enough to flash the tell me how well that works for you!]
so these pictures will have to do for this post!

[you can't complain seeing those eyes and smile, can you!?]

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