Wednesday, October 12, 2011

so desperate...

someone stole the GPS out of my car.
Dang you, Foothills Mall [slash] shisty shopping center.
We just wanted to grab some preztels & lemonade for date night, and Aunt Annies has some of the best. So we drove 20 minutes, parked, walk in, and walked out...[okay I stopped at gymboree and got some stuff for hudson, but really, we were in & out!]
but the time thing shouldn't even matter!
Someone had to sit in my car, in my passenger seat, go through my console [where I always hide/keep the GPS to prevent things like this from happening] unplug the charger, grab the other charger & take window mount off.
obviously, I'm fully aware that it was my bad for not locking my car in that shisty parking lot, but I still feel like I have a reason to be a little ticked myself, and the person so desperate to steal. I know it could have been worse, like, oh I don't know, maybe instead of the GPS, they could have taken my car. Should I be feeling lucky by this situation?!?
For now, I'm staying ticked off.

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