Thursday, September 8, 2011

making it...

i'm making it.
 I'm making his baby food.
Actually I wouldn't even call it baby food. It's more like, mashed or blended real people food.

I kind of felt like because I'm no longer nursing, I need to try to do something, that's in my control, food wise, for my little guy.
It's SO easy, and SO much cheaper than buying the store bought/who knows how long its have been on the shelf/ baby food.
so for now, I'm making it!
so far, we are  
l  o  v  i  n  g
peas & carrots.

and now he is into sucking or at least touching anything mom and dad have in their hands...
Makes me think about everything I'm putting into my mouth!
The great thing about all of this,
it's real people food. [usually its a side that we are eating anyway.]
 I know that we would eat it, so I don't feel bad feeding it to this growing peanut.

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  1. I loved loved loved making baby food for Jack when he was a baby! I hated buying the packaged stuff because it was always getting recalled and who knows what goes in it. Try zucchini and butternut squash! The Butternut squash freezes really well and can be cooked to just about any consistency. I'm excited to start Owen on solids!


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